Johnny Jetson is a rock and roll songwriter, guitarist and singer. Born in Miami Beach Florida in the historic year of 1968 and later raised in the suburbs of New York City. Johnny was given a guitar at the age of five, and now four decades later, he has proven to be one of the most influential underground rock and roll songwriters of his generation.


In the 1980s Johnny Jetson began performing as a teenager playing clubs on N.Y.C.’s gritty lower east-side. In the early 1990s he relocated to Los Angeles arriving with only his guitar and a dream and eventually becoming a fixture of the L.A. music community, playing practically every club and venue in the city of angels. After nearly 20 years on the west coast Johnny moved to Minneapolis to raise his son. He has recently reformed Tattooed Millionaires and is now looking forward to contributing to the Twin City's thriving arts scene and taking his art to the next level


Johnny’s newest project is his soon to be released first solo album entitled “The Father, The Son and the Ghost of Rock and Roll. It is a heartfelt and emotionally driven album coming out of a time of significant pain and loss. The album symbolizes a man drawing on his strength and love from others to pick up the pieces and move on. Songs from this album have recently been compared to John Lennon and the Pixies, showing that Johnny is growing both as a songwriter and storyteller

A lifetime of love for classis sounds and catchy hooks, Johnny Jetson mixes musicianship and live performing like no other. Cutting his teeth in local, regional and national bands for years, his sound and live performances get people moving and grooving to every single song. Simply put, Johnny is  an outstanding contributer to the world of rock and roll... and best of all he is your new best friend!