The number of great songs is simply staggering. Johnny Jetson has a catalog of more than 150 songs, with sounds ranging from classic 70s rock, punk and pop to modern alternative and heavy metal anthems. If you are looking for a tailored set list, he can mix it up perfectly. Johnny is even known for playing fantastic acoustic sets for more intimate settings.

Johnny Jetson is one of the few rock artists whose sound hits you hard instantly yet manages to maintain that initial sensation listen after listen. You won’t get bogged down with the weight of overused production wizardry here. This is music you can hum to it, bob your head to, sing to, and just rejoice in its gritty and jangly guitar movements from track to roaring track.


The melody and bittersweet beauty just under the rocking surface is probably the music’s most alluring ingredient. His music is fuming with originality, ferocity, emotional introspection and some of the coolest rock n’ roll bass lines and guitar riffs around. Sometimes perfection is defined in the simplest of terms and Jetson has the formula imprinted in his soul. Straight chords, driving rhythms, crunchy riffs, brief intense guitar solos, and lots of vocal melody!

This is the sound of what current alternative rock, is primarily built on. No band does authentically pure, straightforward rock n’ roll as good as Johnny Jetson does on this album. And it is not just in the playing or performance styles. The authenticity resides in the recording and production of the 10 tracks which make up the album. It has that brash, piercing, organic aura that modern digital recordings are just not able to capture anymore. It leaps out of the speakers with a certain urgent and excited energy, which Jetson gets just right!


Johnny Jetson forges the prototype sound of the ideal rock n’ roll band; the kind that you fantasized about, playing in your garage or bedroom while growing up…